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Bridal Hair Tutorial: Knotty Braid

We are thrilled to introduce another amazing hair creation by the super talented Andy Mendoza with The Side Door Salon. The Knotty Braid up-do is a hair masterpiece – perfect for any style wedding and is sure to take your groom’s breath away!

Bridal Hair Styles by The SideDoor SalonBridal Hair Styles by The SideDoor Salon

Get this look…

Step 1: Spray sections of hair with wet hairspray and wrap around paper towels. Tie paper towels to hold hair in place.

Step 2: Lightly mist hair with water and set under dryer to set the curls. Textured curls will be achieved when hair is done setting.

Step 3: Divide the hair into sections from front to back. Create a single knot at the top of one section. This knot will create two tail pieces, then create a new knot below your first knot. Continue in this manner until you reach the center of the back of the head. Continue knotting until there is not more hair left.

Step 4: Now do the same thing on the other side of the head and pin ends to the crown of the head. Use your fingers to slightly open up the knots until desired look is achieved.

Colorado Wedding Blog
Hair Concept + Styling: Andy Mendoza with The SideDoor Salon
Photography: Tess Pace Photography
Production: One Hitched Lane
Makeup: Leilani Drum
Model: Meg Parker



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